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Ark is an education charity that ensures that all children, regardless of their background, have access to a great education and real choices in life.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, students' lives and education have been disrupted and special occasions such as  the school sports day won't take place in person this year – so we’re doing something different.

We set out to collectively travel 40,000km, the distance around the world! After completing our goal in just 5 days, we have now extended our challenge to travel the distance around as many planets and moons in the solar system as we can. First stop, the moon! 10,921km.

We want to do something fun, healthy and positive, while raising money to help our schools and students recover from the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic and build the resilience they need for the future.

We're asking  you - our community of students, teachers, supporters, and friends - to do an activity that adds to the kilometre count and helps us reach our target. Let's inspire each other with what we can achieve together – doing something fun, healthy, and positive along our way.

Set your target for how many kilometres you can run, cycle, walk – or any way you can think of. For instance, if you climb the stairs 286 times, you'll add 1km to our target!

Complete your challenge between the 1st – 15th July. You can do it in one day or across the two weeks.


Submit your challenge progress on this website from the 1st of July, so that we can add your kilometres to the collective target and see who has travelled the furthest.

Complete your challenge

Set your target

When you sign up, we'll send you an email with all the information you need, including how to track your distance when the challenge opens on Wednesday 1st July.

This is a big challenge to reach 40,000km collectively, but we're doing it for an important cause.

We know times are difficult so you can join the fun without donating, but anything you give will help our schools and communities. If you want to set a challenge, ask your friends and family to sponsor you. 

It's the taking the part that counts – we want to travel across the globe!

Our goal is a collective 40,000km, but like any good sports day, we thought we'd have some fun competition along the way.

Challenge your friends, family and colleagues, competing as:

An Individual
Ark School

Competition Categories

If you want to compete, here are some of the categories you can be entered in to: 

Longest Distance

The longest distance travelled.

Most Creative

The most creative way to complete your distance. 

Most Participants

The school and company who has the most participants.

Most Inspiring

The entry judged to be the most uplifting.

Fastest Time Challenges

Who can run or cycle the fastest set distance? 

Most Entertaining

The photo and video judged to be the most entertaining.

Are you taking on a big challenge?

Set up a fundraising page to raise money from friends and family sponsoring you. 

Can you get 6 friends to donate £10 each to your challenge? 

During the challenge, we'll regularly share positions and rankings on social media.

Final medal positions will be announced on Friday 17th July.

We'd love to see your efforts, please share your photos, and videos with us!

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Take part, have some fun and together let's do something special to support our school communities.


For questions and support, please email: fundraising@arkonline.org

For more information about Ark, visit our website here

To see a list of Ark schools and visit their individual websites, visit this page

Please find our supporters privacy notice here.

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